Tips from Toby Final Spring Lawn Wrap Up

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Fortunately we've had a lot of rain this Spring. That rain has gobbled up a lot of the nutrients that our lawns need to keep going through the hot Summer months. Even if you haven't been following Toby's lawn program - it's not too late to get that lawn the fertilizer it needs to thrive this Summer. Lot's of us have areas in our lawn where water pools and doesn't drain well. With all the problems with mosquitos and virus issues, those puddles leave a breeding ground for mosquitos. Toby shows you how to get better drainage in your lawn and help the roots of your lawn grow deep to strengthen up for the hot temps coming around the corner. Watch the tip now. We cover these issues plus a few other quick tips to wrap up your Spring lawn work. Quick and easy tips for a healthy lawn this Summer. This is your last chance before June to beef up that lawn - so get to watching now!