Tips from Toby – The Bed Bug Tip

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Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite! An old phrase uttered by just about every parent to their kids at bedtime. Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming a significant problem in homes throughout the country and Kansas City area. You don't have to have a dirty home to get bed bugs. They can be brought in with your luggage after a trip, on kids backpacks, moving trucks or just on someone's clothing. They are about the size of an apple seed. These little vampires feed off of human blood and are experts at hiding. Bed Bugs multiply at a rate that would make a bunny blush and quite frankly, they are disgusting! Learn what they look like, how to professionally treat the problem and how to avoid letting a couple of bed bugs become a huge, expensive problem in your home. Treatment can cost $100's of dollars per room and a female bed bug that is pregnant can lay 100's of eggs per day so they spread like wildfire and so do the costs! Check out all you need to know about Bed Bugs in this week's tip and you'll sleep tight avoiding a big problem!