Tips from Toby Whup a Bug!

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If you have experienced the bite of the oak or itch mite you know what a hassle it can be. Even worse - regular bug sprays haven’t helped people and many of us are getting eaten up by these pests leaving ugly itchy bite marks. Mosquitoes and pests are on the rise this season due to a mild winter. Imagine if you are Mark Tobin and his lawn crew, mowing every day under trees with oak mites and the buzzing of mosquitoes buzzing by and biting. ENOUGH WITH THE BLOOD SUCKERS!!! A hunting friend of Mark Tobin’s introduced him to an all natural pest repellent called Whup a Bug. No deet chemicals to worry about, it’s safe on all of us, from children to animals and best of all - for many - they are repelling the itch mites!!!! It’s quickly caught on, from my Mom who looked like a teenager with acne she was getting bit so much to many, many of our friends we are finding this all natural product to really be working. It’s not snake oil, just an all natural product (and you need to read the back story of how and why it was invented!!!) that is helping a ton of people avoid the blood suckers for good! If you are getting bit or have loved ones and friends, give Whup a Bug a try and you might be itch and bite free too!